Welcome to Bishops Waltham Mitres Swim Club

Welcome to Bishops Waltham Mitres Swim Club

Bishops Waltham Mitres Swim Club (formally known as Bishops Waltham Swimming Academy) was formed in 2004 under the umbrella of Ridgemede Swimming Association now known as Bishops Waltham Community Swimming, and has strong links with Bishops Waltham Junior School.

The age group of the swimmers runs from 7 – 60. We cater for swimmers who can do a couple of lengths to those who can do much further distances.

Bishops Waltham Mitres is primarily a development club and is a 'stepping stone' for young swimmers to gain confidence in low key competition before taking on the larger club experience should they wish to. However even at development level all aspects of competitive swimming must be learned for the swimmer to move confidently when it comes to moving to the larger clubs.

The Club runs 6 different squads being:
Porpoises Development 1 – Dolphins Dev 2 – Dolphins Dev 3 – Dolphins Dev 4 – Sharks Performance and a Masters squad.

The Club offers 5 hours per week training and we encourage the swimmers to train at least twice a week.

The clubs strength is in a measure due to the policy established in 2004 to ensure swimmers from a young age through to elite performance are recognised, and encouraged. The Club adopted the team name `Mitres` in 2004 when the swimmers were asked to design a logo.

Our key objective is to provide a friendly environment through which members are encouraged and supported to achieve their objectives in swimming as a sport and to realise their potential.

Our Club Value

Work as a team and believe in ourselves
Co-operate with each other and treat everyone with respect
We embrace equity and diversity
We value leadership, sportsmanship and excellence
We encourage cohesiveness, sportsmanship, patience and Tolerance
We foster fun, family and friendship


Monday 8pm – 9pm Masters and Junior squads
Tuesday 5pm – 6pm Porpoises and Junior Development squads
Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Sharks (Performance)
Thursday 7pm - 8pm Junior squads
Thursday 8pm - 9pm Masters - junior squads and Masters fitness

Mitres Diary Dates

Annual Club Championships TBA ( later in the year )

If you would like more information on other swim schools that operate from our home pool please visit bwcommunityswimming.org.uk